2019  -  International Award "CostieraArte 2019", for his musical activities - City of Maiori, Coast of Amalfi


2016  -   Winner of the 13th International Trophy of Choral Composition "C. A. Seghizzi" (Gorizia, Italy)

2014  -   I prize,  VIII International “CONTEMPORALIA" Choral Composition Competition (Badajoz, Spain)


2012  -   I prize,  V International “Choir Laboratory, XXI Century” Competition  (St. Petersburg, Russia)
              I prize,  XI “A.C.P.” National  Choral Composition Competition, Regione Piemonte (Italy)


2010  -   I prize,  X  "A.C.P." National Choral Composition Competition (Regione Piemonte, Italy)

              II prize  (1st not assigned), III National Choral Composition Prize "A.R.C.C.", La canzone napoletana in polifonia (Italy)

2008  -   I prize, International Choral Award  “José Ribeiro de Sousa" (Alqueidão da Sierra, Portugal)

              I Prize, “Opera Omnia” Choral Prize, Fiumefreddo di Sicilia (Catania, Italy)

              I Prize, IX “A.C.P.” National  Choral Composition Competition, Regione Piemonte (Italy)

              I Prize, II National Choral Composition Prize "A.R.C.C.", La canzone napoletana in polifonia (Italy)

              II prize (1st not assigned),  2nd International Choral Composition Competition (Vittorio Veneto, TV, Italy)

              II prize, “F.M. Napolitano” Composition National Award 2007 (Naples, Italy)

2007  -   I Prize, Choral Composition Contest “Soldanella” of Brentonico (Trento, Italy), 2007 

              II prize (1st not assigned),  National Composition Prize "Franco Michele Napolitano"  (Naples, Italy)



2005  -   Finalist, 2nd International Trophy of Choral Composition “C.A. Seghizzi” (Gorizia, Italy)

2004  -   II prize, T.I.M. “International Music Tournament” Award  (Rome / Paris, 2004)


2003  -   III prize, International “Drum open competition” (Fermo, AN, Italy)                                                                                                                         Finalist, “Helmut Laberer” Composition Prize, Conservatory of “Santa Cecilia” (Rome, Italy)


2002  -   II  prize, X  International Prize of Cortemilia (Cuneo, Italy)

2001  -   I Prize ex-aequo, XI International Choral Composition Award by Federcoritrentino (Trento, Italy)


Honorable mention / Special honors

2019 -  Honorable Award "Uomo del Nostro Tempo" - City of Maiori, Coast of Amalfi

2018 -  Honorable Mention: "Di Cori un altro Po" National  Choral Arrangement Competition (AERCO / Italy)

2013  - FENIARCO  Special Award  (Italian National Choral Federation) for an original choral work on Neapolitan language 

2008  -  Honorable Mention, International Choral Award  “José Ribeiro de Sousa" (Alqueidão da Sierra, Portugal)

2007  -  Honorable Mention7th Aliénor International Harpsichord Composition Competition, Salem College, Winston-Salem (NC, USA)

2002  -  Honorable Mention (no prize assigned), National Choral Composition Prize “P. Righele” (Malo, VC, Italy)



Main Current & Past Commissions

2019  -  New commissioned choral work, for "Mater Dei" High School (CA, USA) for the Italian Tour 2020

2019  -  La sera dei miracoli (SSATB), arrangement commissioned by "Notevolmente" Choir, Rome

2019 -   La tarantella (SSAA), arrangement commissioned by "Il Calicanto" Youth Ensemble" (Salerno), IT

2017 -   Limen (SATB), commissioned by FENIARCO for "Officina Musicale del Futuro" project, Italy

2016  -  The Fairy Lullaby -  Work Commissioned by "Aichi Prefectural University of Arts", Japan

2016 -   Alleluja (SATB), commissioned by "Mater Dei" High School (CA, USA) for their Italian Tour, 2016

2016  -  Rota Suite -  CD track arrangement, commissioned by "Accademia Mandolinistica Napoletana"

2015  -  Terra mia (SATB), Commissioned arrangement by "Kantika Vocal Ensemble" (Salerno), for Milan EXPO 2015

2015  -  Mandulinata a mare -  CD arrangements, featuring singer Gianni Lamagna

2014  -  In pace (SSATB), Commissioned by "Coro da Camera di Torino", dir. Dario Tabbia

2013  -  Victimae paschali laudes  - Commissioned by Choir "Stella del Mare", Cecina (LI)

2012  -  "La musica della Costa d'Amalfi" -  CD arrangements commissioned by Orchestra Mandolinistica "Le corde della Costa d'Amalfi"

2008  -  Venite, exultemus -  Commissioned by "Carolina International Chorale", Chapel Hill, NC, USA

2007  -  Parthenope Suite  - Commissioned by "Officina Musicale" for the International  "Fiera della liuteria contemporanea", Cremona, 






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